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As if things couldn’t get any more creative in the club scene. Tao Group that operates Marquee dayclub introduces the world to “drone bottle service.” When I think of a drone, I think of a secret mission by the government trying to locat (More...)

This past weekend was the opening of Drai’s Nightclub and Dayclub on top of the roof of the Cromwell hotel. I couldn’t resist checking it out as it’s brand new and there was a lot of hype behind the opening. Walking into the Cromwell was (More...)

Some people try and debate the level of service that needs to be conducted for Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas. I’ve seen several amount of people claim to provide great customer service and are the “best” in the business when it comes (More...)

[12:56pm] Welcome to my social experiment. If you are close friends with me, you would of known about the experiment yesterday before this started as they were in on it as well. The social aspect of life and how the world thinks is interesting to me. I re (More...)

Single guys drive themselves crazy thinking about pulling a girl when they’re out drinking. Some guys actually obsess over it. Here are the 13 best ways NOT to pull a girl on a night out. 1. Buy her a drink   If you don’t want to pull a girl, the (More...)

I read an article about the regrets in life when you’re 30 and found it rather interesting, so I decided to change everything about it and write my own article in relevance to the party scene and something us party-goers can relate to. 1. The should (More...)

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